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8 years of experience

Dentarium – is a place where modern dentistry meets not only innovative technology, high quality and the latest methods, but also a warm and friendly atmosphere, comfort and care. Our specialists are true masters of their craft, who constantly improve their skills and participate in different international medical exhibitions and conferences. Our collaboration with world leaders in the manufacture of medical equipment and dental materials enables to use the latest achievements in modern dentistry.

Professional staff

Our specialists are true masters of their craft

High quality and the latest methods

We offer premium quality service

Reasonable costs

We offer high quality service for good prices

What Our Patients Say

Words of kindness from ME - I have been travelling around the world and working with people in different places, people always ask me, where did you get your dental work done, and when I answer - In Latvia, they are always surprised, but to me, there is no better dental clinic than DENTARIUM, all thanks to one of the best dentists in the region - Dmitry Petrosyan!

Maxim Esterkin

I am very grateful for your excellent work! For those who do love themselves I advise to visit DENTARIUM clinic, they are really high- class experts. Latvian modern pentathlete, won a silver medal at Athens Olympic Games.

Jeļena Rubļevska
Atēnas Olimpiskajās spēlēs izcīnijusi sudraba medaļu.

Wonderful Clinic "Dentarium"! Here works super experts - dentists. Very good atmosphere, each client has a maximum attention. My smile likes everyone! Special thanks to Dr. Dimitry and his assistant Anna. The head of village administration Dedenevo (Russian Federation).

Svetlana Tyagacheva
The head of village administration Dedenevo (Russian Federation).

I have heard only good reviews about “Dentarium” clinic. When I decided to visit I understood why it is so popular and well-praised. You will get not only a beautiful and dazzling smile, but enjoy friendly atmosphere. Huge thanks to Doctor Dmitry Petrosyan and his team. I would recommend ”Dentarium” to my friends and also to YOU.

Arnita Suhetska

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Our Doctors Team

Dmitry Petrosyan
Īpašnieks, galvenais ārsts, stomatologs

Sergey Golovin
Ārsts, stomatologs

Jekaterina Siliņa
Ārsts, stomatologs, ortodonts

Aleksandra Svaža
Ārsts, stomatologs

Kristina Smola
Ārsts, stomatologs

Iluta Jansone

Anna Astratova
Stomatologa assistente

Baiba Rasa
Stomatologa assistente

Ludmila Dorofeeva
Stomatologa assistente

Angerika Gončaruka
Stomatologa assistente

Inna Semeiņikova
Stomatologa assistente

Uljana Turmanova
Stomatologa assistente

Irina Čistjakova


Lada Picula


Elmīra Mekša


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Have Some Questions?

The criteria is – consult your dentist. The shape and stiffness of the brush should be selected individually. As for toothpastes, choose the one which is pleasant to you by taste, consistence, design. When buying a toothbrush, don’t forget about such a substantial thing as a dental thread.Very well if you use in addition the brushes for cleaning interdental intervals and an irrigator.

Very few people suspect that teeth can influence a human brain. The scientists of the Norwegian university Tromse, working in the Bertul interntional project, studied various factors influencing human aging. One of conclusions of researchers was the fact that loss of teeth can negatively affect memory of the person.

The gerontologist of the University of Tromse,  Professor Maud Bergdal,  has said that the teeth treatment, as well as the results of their removal, are visible in a picture taken on the tomograph, and has explained that the nervous system of people is such that any human organ has influence or connection with other organs.

Observations on people who took part in the Bertul project began to be carried out by scientists from the University of Sweden from Umea since 1988. Over the years of observations, it was found that memory tests change for the worse after the observed removed the sick tooth.

•       Refuse alcohol the day before. The fact is that alcohol reduces the effect of analgesics, and alcohol, as we know, can stay in the blood for up to 2 days.

•       Don’t forget to make ordinary hygienic procedures before taking a dentist.

•       You should refuse visiting a dentist in case of  acute viral and bacterial diseases of the throat and respiratory tract, such as angina, laryngitis, pharyngitis, even if there is no temperature.

·        If there is a slight “congestion” of the nose, treatment should be postponed. When breathing through the mouth, the body is worse supplied with oxygen, which not only increases emotional nervousness and pain sensitivity, but creates an increase in humidity in the oral cavity, which can affect the quality of the work performed.

•       A contraindication for dental care is herpetic stomatitis (“Herpes”), which is shown in the form rashes on the mucous, lips and skin.

In 98-99% cases, everything passes normally, but a lot of things depends on characteristics of body.